Special Needs Care in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

At The Spot for Smiles, we’re here to help kids get the expert dental care they need in Folsom, and working with special needs patients and families is one of our specialties. No matter the challenges facing your child, we’re here to help keep their smile healthy.

special needs care in Elk Grove & Folsom

What Is Special Needs Dentistry?

Special needs dentistry focuses on treating children and adults who have special needs. These may include developmental issues, physical disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and more. As a trained pediatric dentist in Folsom and Elk Grove, Dr. Ian Marion has experience treating all types of children, including kids with special needs. And at The Spot for Smiles, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile, no matter what health conditions they may face. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and learn more about the special needs care we offer in Folsom and Elk Grove.

Elk Grove & Folsom special needs care

Did you know…

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Children and adults with special needs are more likely to have untreated oral health issues, compared to the general population.

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Free Nitrous

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Stress-Free Care

If fear is keeping you or your little one from scheduling an appointment, we’re delighted to offer FREE nitrous oxide with your child’s treatment! Laughing gas can help them relax during their visit and then resume daily activities with a smile.

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The Benefits Of Seeing A Special Needs Dentist

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The Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry Process

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Initial consultation

To begin the process, you will meet with Dr. Marion to discuss your child’s special needs, health history, and oral health issues. You’ll also get a tour of our office, and learn more about how we care for kids with special needs. Our goal at The Spot for Smiles is to keep you and your child comfortable through every step of the treatment process.

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Oral exam and teeth cleaning

At your child’s next appointment, our team will gently clean their teeth, and Dr. Marion will perform an oral exam, complete with x-rays. Your child can be sedated during their appointment to keep them comfortable, if necessary.

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Developing a treatment plan

Based on the results of your child’s oral exam, Dr. Marion will discuss any necessary treatments with you. We work with you to create a plan that will keep your child’s mouth healthy, but also fits your schedule and your budget. 

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