Pediatric Sedation in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

Many children have a hard time sitting still, which can make dental care difficult. Others may be fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist. However, with sedation options, we can ensure your child stays comfortable and relaxed during their visit, so every trip to the dentist is a positive experience.

Elk Grove and Folsom dental sedation

What is Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas Sedation?

Nitrous oxide is a gas commonly referred to as laughing gas or happy gas. The gas helps relieve anxiety or pain during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is administered via a small nosepiece to keep your child awake throughout the treatment. Kids recover easily from nitrous oxide’s effects after the completion of the procedure.

The parent must first give consent to use the nitrous oxide sedation. A few hours before the visit, we recommend that the child should not have something to drink or eat. Contact the Folsom and Elk Grove pediatric dentists at The Spot for Smiles to learn more! Call our Folsom or Elk Grove office today!

pediatric dental sedation in Elk Grove and Folsom

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Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas” was first used in dental sedation way back in 1844. Today, it’s still the most common sedation method for kids.

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Enhancing the quality of the treatment

Nitrous oxide and other sedation options allow us to complete dental procedures without resistance or interruptions. This means there will be minimal reflexive movement during certain phases of the process. With nitrous oxide sedation, we complete the operation efficiently, uninterrupted, and safely.

Overcoming Phobia in Children

Sedation dentistry helps a child feel relaxed and is less likely to experience anxiety during future visits. Additionally, they are less likely to develop a dental phobia that can severely affect their oral health as adults. Children and adults with dental phobias typically neglect scheduling checkups and suffer more significant dental issues because of unnecessarily avoiding the dentist.

Appropriate for Special Needs and Medically Challenged Children

Some kids cannot hold still during dental procedures because of physical, behavioral, or emotional disorders. Dental sedation is also appropriate for uncooperative children or those who don’t know what to expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your child has sensitive dental phobia, anxiety, or sensitive nerves, they can be eligible for dental sedation.

You can prepare your child by being honest and open and helping them fast ahead of the appointment.

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