Tooth Extractions in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

If you're looking for a qualified and experienced pediatric dentist to perform a tooth extraction in Elk Grove, Folsom, or the surrounding area, look no further than The Spot for Smiles. Our professional and experienced team will provide you and your child with the safest and most comfortable tooth extraction possible.

Tooth Extractions in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

Why Might My Child Need a Tooth Extracted?

In some cases, a baby tooth must be removed because it's blocking the eruption of a permanent tooth underneath it. If your child's tooth has decayed extensively, an extraction may be the most effective option to prevent the decay from spreading throughout the mouth and causing further damage. Other reasons for extracting teeth include overcrowding and impacted teeth that cannot fully erupt through the gums.

No matter the reason for your child's extraction needs, you can always feel secure knowing the team at The Spot for Smiles – Folsom is dedicated to providing personalized care to meet their needs.

Tooth Extractions in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

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Baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth and are crucial in guiding their eruption.

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The Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Alleviates pain and discomfort

If a child is experiencing severe tooth pain due to decay, infection, or injury, extraction may be the most effective way to alleviate their discomfort and promote healing.

Prevents infection

In cases where a tooth is severely infected and non-responsive to treatments like root canals, extraction can prevent the infection from spreading to neighboring teeth or other body parts.

Makes space for orthodontic treatment

Tooth extractions can create space in a crowded mouth, allowing more effective orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners to straighten the remaining teeth.

The Tooth Extraction Process

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Before the tooth removal, your Folsom and Elk Grove pediatric dentist will administer a local anesthetic to ensure that your child does not experience any pain or discomfort during the extraction. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, general anesthesia may be used to keep your child comfortable and relaxed. We take every precaution to ensure they're safe, so you don't have to worry.

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Loosening & removal

Once the area is numb, the dentist will use special instruments to gently loosen up and remove the tooth. If he needs more space or access to remove a multi-rooted tooth, he may need to divide it into smaller parts before extracting it in one piece.

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Once the tooth has been removed, the dentist will provide special instructions for aftercare and healing after your child's extraction appointment. Watch out for signs of infection and other issues as healing occurs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if any concerning symptoms arise; we're always available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once the dentist has removed your child's tooth, a blood clot will form in the empty socket. Keeping the clot intact helps prevents complications like dry sockets. Instruct your child to avoid using straws, spitting forcefully, or disturbing the extraction site.

During the first few days, your child may experience mild pain, swelling, and discomfort. To reduce swelling, you can manage these symptoms with over-the-counter pain relievers.

New soft tissue will fill the socket as the healing progresses. Your child will experience a slight decrease in pain and swelling during this stage. Encourage them to eat soft foods and maintain good oral hygiene by gently brushing and avoiding the extraction site.

The gum tissue will grow over the socket and cover the extraction site after 10-14 days. Your child should begin to feel more comfortable, and you can slowly reintroduce more solid foods into their diet.

It is usual for a child to experience some discomfort after a tooth extraction. The level of discomfort can vary depending on the extraction's complexity, the child's age, and their pain tolerance.

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