Pediatric Dental Sealants in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

Worried about your child getting cavities? Dental sealants may be the best way to protect your child’s teeth from decay.

pediatric dental sealants in Folsom & Elk Grove

What Are Sealants?

Dental sealants are a very common preventive dentistry treatment for kids. They consist of a layer of transparent dental resin. This is applied directly to your child’s rear teeth as a liquid. Then, the dentist will use a special UV light to harden the resin. This forms a protective barrier that prevents food particles, bacteria, and acid from contacting their teeth directly. In turn, this helps reduce the risk of tooth decay (cavities).

Elk Grove and Folsom pediatric dental sealants

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42% of kids between the ages of 2-11 have at least one cavity in a baby tooth, and 21% of kids between the ages of 6-11 have had at least one cavity in an adult tooth.

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Does My Child Need Sealants?

Their oral hygiene could be better

In an ideal world, your child would brush two or three times a day. But it’s sometimes hard to get your child to brush properly, or for long enough. Sealants are a good “insurance policy” to help reduce their risk of cavities.

They have a sweet tooth

A healthy, low-sugar diet is ideal for kids. But if your little one is often sneaking sweet treats or has a real sweet tooth, dental sealants can help protect their teeth from cavities.

Their teeth have weak enamel

Some kids simply have weaker enamel than others due to genetic factors. Sealants are a great way to add another layer of protection to their teeth and fight back against tooth decay.

The Dental Sealant Treatment Process

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Teeth cleaning

To prepare for their treatment, Dr. Ian Marion will begin by gently and thoroughly cleaning your child’s teeth. This is important, since their teeth must be clean for the sealant material to bond to the enamel properly.

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Applying sealants

Next, Dr. Ian Marion will apply a thin layer of dental sealant resin to your child’s rear teeth using a special brush. Sealants are usually applied to the rear teeth. This is because the rear teeth are very large and have deep pits and grooves that make them more susceptible to tooth decay.

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Sealant hardening with UV

Once he has painted the sealant material onto your child’s teeth, Elk Grove and Folsom pediatric dentist Dr. Marion will shine a UV light into your child’s mouth. This light activates the resin. Then, it hardens and forms a strong, protective barrier on their teeth. The entire procedure is totally non-invasive, and usually takes less than 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sealants are often done twice, once at the age of six when your child’s first set of adult molars erupt, and then again when they're about 12 and their second set of adult molars erupt. However, this recommendation may vary depending on the child, and how quickly their dental sealants wear out. Dr. Ian Marion will check your child’s dental sealants at every six-month checkup to make sure they're in good shape. 

Dental sealants usually last about five years, but it’s possible for them to last as long as 10 years. Your child doesn’t need to do anything special after they get sealants. They should just continue brushing and flossing normally, and see Dr. Ian Marion for a checkup every six months at The Spot For Smiles - Folsom.

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