Preventive Care in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA

Proper oral care is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy future. At The Spot for Smiles, we provide proactive dental care for toddlers and children in Elk Grove and Folsom, CA.

We look forward to connecting with you and developing a long-lasting relationship with your child for years to come.

pediatric preventive dentist in Folsom and Elk Grove

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is a practice that helps maintain proper oral care to prevent dental diseases. It involves a combination of regular checkups and practicing good habits like flossing and brushing. Preventive dentistry should begin in childhood and extend throughout your child’s life.

The Spot For Smiles team believes every child deserves an attractive and healthy smile. Get in touch with our pediatric dentist in Elk Grove and Folsom today to book an appointment to discover more about the preventive dentistry care we provide.

preventive dentist in Folsom and Elk Grove

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If your child fails to floss regularly, they will likely leave plaque on 40% of their teeth surfaces!

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The Importance of Preventive Care for Your Child

Allows Your Child to Get Better Nutrition

Without preventive dentistry, cavities and tooth decay can cause severe pain and toothaches. The pain can make eating some meals difficult. This will not only prevent your child from enjoying their favorite meals but also cause nutrient deficiency, mainly if they cannot take different foods pleasantry.

Promotes Healthy Smile

One perk of preventive dentistry is that it preserves your child’s smile. Most people have linked pediatric preventive oral care with improved self-confidence and esteem. Preventive dentistry can help ensure that your child’s teeth do not get stained or rot, allowing them to enjoy their smile in adulthood.

Eliminates the Need for Restorative Dental Work

Scheduling multiple appointments for restorative dental work can be expensive and inconvenient. Tooth decay can require tooth replacement, while diseases like gingivitis can require a root canal.

The procedures can be costly, time-consuming, and discomforting. Scheduling several preventive dentistry appointments can help prevent your child from undergoing these procedures.

Preventive Treatments We Offer

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Oral Cancer Screenings

By identifying oral cancer during early childhood, we can help save your child’s life. The dentist will examine your child’s gums, mouth, and other oral tissues to check for discolored patches, lumps, and other abnormalities.

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Fluoride Treatments

Your dentist will apply a fluoride gel or varnish and leave it in your child’s mouth before rinsing it away. Fluoride helps attract minerals such as phosphates and calcium, which can easily strengthen your child’s teeth.

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Bringing your child to the dentist for regular cleaning will help ensure that your child has a bold and healthy smile. You can schedule regular teeth cleaning appointments at least twice per year.

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Dental Sealants

We offer dental sealants for children at risk of developing cavities.

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